Scribble Station

Little O is a few days away from his first birthday.  He hasn’t started walking yet, but he loves to pull himself up and walk around the coffee table.  Lately he’s been grabbing pens out of my hand while I’m writing and tries to mimic me.  It’s so cute to see him try to write!

Since he has an interest in making marks and the table is just his height, I decided to make a scribble station for him.

I got some rolls of newsprint from a local newspaper for $2 each.  (They can’t use the rolls once there is less than about an inch of paper on them, so they sell them for cheap–and there is a lot of paper left…perfect for scribbling or scratch paper or paper for the floor during painting.)

Then I wrapped my table like a gift, and taped down all the edges. (Little O loves to rip paper and I wanted to keep this as a scribble station for as long as possible.)


I added crayons and let the scribbling begin!


If you need convincing that your child’s scribbling is important, read this article by researcher Susan Rich Sheridan who says that scribbling 1) helps your child to pay attention and sustain attention, 2) stimulates cells in the visual cortex of the brain that focus on line and shape, 3) helps child practice organizing patterns of thought and 4) prepares the mind for literacy.

I think this scribble station is going to be a main-stay at my house.


8 thoughts on “Scribble Station

  1. I love this idea. So much better than thousands of loose sheets that get spread all over. And I think it’s even better when you get down and scribble with them!

    • Kari, if you can’t find newsprint from a local paper, IKEA has rolls of paper for their easels for $5.00–a pretty good deal and I think the quality is better than newsprint.

  2. Great Idea!! Love it! Also love that cute little guy!! He is so sweet and so lucky to have such a great mom!!

  3. I love this idea. I feel like covering every thing in my home with newsprint and letting them go wild. Seeing his chubby hands melts my heat. So fun! Keep the ideas coming!

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