Scribble Station: round two

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about turning your coffee table into a scribble station.  Our original scribble station quickly became a paper-ripping station, and when I decided to cover the table with paper again I had a brilliant idea! The paper that I had used to cover our table required two widths to get the job done.  I taped the first layer down with small pieces of tape, and then used one long piece of tape to tape the top piece down.  I noticed that when I was scribbling with Little O, I was drawn to scribble over the pieces of tape because I liked the texture that resulted.  It was like I was doing a rubbing.  For Scribble Station: round two, I decided it would be fun to put tape down on the table before I put the paper on.  Stickers or vinyl would also work, but I had tape so that’s what I went with.


Stripes were the easiest thing to do, so down they went.  Little O had fun taking the tape off as fast as I was putting it on.

Round two stayed on the table longer than the first version, and I kept the crayons on the table.  I noticed that pretty much everyone who came over commented on the table if they didn’t try it out.  We had several contributors.


You can see where the tape is in the top left corner (I turned the table and took the picture from a different angle than the one above).  I couldn’t resist it.  You can also see that Little O turned this into a paper-ripping station again, and I got this photo just in the nick of time!  Here the adults’ scribbles are easily seen; but be assured that Little O’s scribbles cover the perimeter of the table–he just doesn’t press as hard so his marks are harder to see in the photo.

If you do this project, I would recommend using painter’s tape–it comes off much easier than masking tape.  They even have a version now for freshly painted surfaces which I imagine would be the least sticky of all, but work fine for creating texture underneath your paper.


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