The Inevitable

The other day at the end of the day I was sitting on the couch doing some inane thing like checking Facebook while Little O was busily engaged in running his trucks on the kitchen floor.  So I thought.  I looked up from my device and saw this:


Well, technically I didn’t see that, because I was sitting on the couch, and from my vantage point I can’t see that part of the wall. But I did see Little O with a crayon in hand gleefully coloring all over the wall near the bathroom. He must have found a crayon that escaped my notice. Most of them were secure in the Ziploc bag on the table. Upon further inspection, he had colored near the bathroom, down the wall in the living room, and in the kitchen as pictured above.

20130809_173207 Here we are five minutes later after a good wipe with the magic eraser.  No harm done, but let this be a lesson to me–count the crayons!


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