Two-minute No-sew Artist’s Smock

I’ve been planning a pretty messy art project for Little O (stay tuned for that one). Yesterday I decided that I needed to make an artist’s smock for him. I’m not sure why, since he will never use a bib…sigh…his clothes are always stained. Anyway, I was too lazy to break out the sewing machine and in two minutes I had the smock finished. Sometimes you just have to go with fast and easy.

Here is what you will need:

  • 1 adult-sized T-shirt
  • 1 of your child’s T-shirts
  • sharp scissors or roller cutter and mat
  • pins or fabric marker


Lay the adult-sized t-shirt out flat. Lay the child’s shirt on top of the larger shirt, lining up the necks. Try to get the shirts centered on top of one another.


With pins or a fabric marker, mark the outside edge of the child’s shirt. Make another mark one inch wider than the smaller shirt.

20130909_123029 20130909_123101 20130909_123235

Remove the child’s shirt. In a straight line, cut both sides of the shirt from the top to the bottom(both layers of fabric) following the outside (widest) mark. Once the sides are cut, open the shirt and lay flat. Now following the inside mark, cut up only half to three-quarters of the way up the shirt so you have an inch strip. This will be the tie for your smock. Do both sides.


Viola! You are DONE! Give yourself a pat on the back for making a smock that took you about two minutes. Here is the finished product in action:


Little O decided he’d rather run away from me than model the smock like a perfect little angel. Gotta love him! I think you get the idea. Hole goes over the head, and the two strips you cut become the ties that go around the back.