Apple Prints

Today was the first day of our new Art Play Date. Little O and I decided that we needed to invite some friends over for art play dates on a regular basis, so twice a month we have a little art class. I really wanted to go outside and do some action painting, but the weather didn’t cooperate. Instead we stayed inside and did some printing with apples. I had to do some quick thinking to re-arrange my plan, and I knew that the Denver Art Museum had several on-line art lessons for pre-school age kids, so I tried one of those. It turned out pretty well, even if my audience was a bit younger than the lesson’s target age. You can find the lesson here.

20131004_110049Fair warning if you decide to do this lesson with kids younger than three: they will try to eat the painted apples! I anticipated that, but wasn’t quick enough when Little O took a big bite out of the painted apple.

Just be sure you are using non-toxic paint and stay close to your child so that you can catch them before they do it. Mom was too far away from Little O when the eating incident happened.

As you can see in the picture, the apples have a little star shape in the core if you cut them through the middle horizontally rather than vertically. It was hard to get that to show up because the apples weren’t sliced completely flat, and I think it would have helped if we used thicker paint. (We were using gouache). If you want the perfect look, just rock your apple back and forth so that the whole apple touches the paper.


After clean-up, we all admired our paintings, had snacks (apples, of course), sang an apple song, and read a book about apples. Overall, a very fun first art play date! I can’t wait to see what else these kids will do.


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