Chalk Painting

2013-10-18 11.34.12

I’m not sure why, but I just love that Little O is tracing that crack in the wall with chalk paint. I guess it makes me think that he is thinking about where he is putting colors and actually has a plan for this outdoor exercise, and not randomly splatting paint on the wall, which I know is probably what is really going on in this picture.

It snowed again on our art play-date day, but this time it was pretty warm after the snow and we decided to go outside anyway. I’d been planning this activity for a while now, ever since I let Little O color with chalk on our back patio. I noticed that the colors were easier to see when the pavement was wet, so I thought we should try dissolving some chalk in water to make chalk paint and see if the paints were any more brilliant than plain old chalk.

2013-10-18 11.33.58

The colors were a bit more brilliant, but mostly the kids had a blast dripping the paint and seeing just how much of the wall they could cover. This activity encouraged more gross-motor skills than I thought it would, simply because their canvas was so large they had to reach on their tippy-toes to the top of the wall, squat to reach the bottom, and they even walked along the length of the wall, dragging their brushes along making very long horizontal lines.

2013-10-18 11.36.34 Finished and Dry

Here are pictures of the almost-finished product, and the dry wall the next day.  Next time we try this I might put the paint in squirt bottles for even more fun! Although don’t say I didn’t warn you; if you try that, expect to get squirted at some point as I’m sure it won’t take long for the kiddos to figure out it is fun to squirt each other as well as the wall!


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