Painted Nightstand

Every once in a while I like to browse the furniture section of our local thrift store. The selection there usually isn’t great, and I think it is overpriced. I can generally find better deals on Craig’s List or at garage sales. However, I do find some gems once in a while. I found this little night stand for $8.00, and I snapped it up.

nightstand before

I especially love the little spindle legs and the knob. In its original state, however, it was a little bit sad. I decided to paint it for Little O’s room. Turquoise, orange, and green are the dominate colors in his room and I decided to stick with those colors. I found a swatch of fabric with coordinating colors that I liked, and decided to glue that onto the back of the nightstand. The rest was a pretty easy paint job, sanding first, of course.

Here is the finished result.

nightstand finished

So much cuter! And it only cost me $6.00 in paint…those sample colors at Home Depot will go a long way, I’m glad I discovered them.

Here it is in the context of Little O’s room.

room view


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