Sweet Father’s Day Silhouettes


Every Father’s Day I struggle to figure out what gifts to give to my husband, father, and father-in-law. I think the men in my life are difficult to shop for, but part of that reason is because they don’t really have a desire to add more “stuff” into their lives. For that, I am blessed. Father’s Day gifts typically consist of a sentimental note, an inexpensive gift of favorite candy, and most recently, mementos of Little O’s handiwork.

This year I decided that a silhouette would be a sweet gift to honor the fathers in my life. My husband will adore this, I think, and Little O’s grandfathers desperately need one of these for their office desks.

pink silhouette

These silhouettes are more that the typical black and white; we incorporated a piece of the child’s artwork as the silhouette itself. I love them so much! Little brushstrokes and fingerprints adorn the surface of the child’s form. I think they capture each child’s energy and personality and give the silhouette a little bit more of the child’s essence.

To make them, begin with a painting that you are willing to cut up. If you don’t have one, let your child do one with finger paints, tempera paints, or watercolor paints. Be sure to paint on a sheet of watercolor paper or other heavyweight paper.

Next, take a profile photo of your child. Print an 8×10, cropping in your computer’s photo editing software to enlarge the child’s outline if necessary. Cut out the profile image. Place the image on top of your child’s artwork, and trace around the image.

cutting image

Cut out the artwork profile following your traced line. Next, glue the artwork profile onto a black or dark blue piece of 8×10 card stock. Frame, wrap, and give to your favorite father!

green silhouette

They are so sweet, don’t you think?



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