Let’s Paint a Rainbow

Color Game

What kid doesn’t love a rainbow? After seeing this wonderful project on two-daloo.com, I decided that we needed to work some rainbows into our art group. We did two activities. The first activity was a color recognition activity which included some gross-motor skills. I drew a bunch of chalk circles on the driveway and each child chose a circle. Then I called out colors, and they were supposed to jump or hop to the color that I called out. The goal was to make it to the rainbow on the wall, but the kids just had fun jumping around from circle to circle.

The art part of this activity was a direct borrow from two-daloo. I love finding great ideas online. I found a $2 board at the “last chance” section at IKEA and used that to make the “rainbow.” The kids loved painting on it and crawling through the tunnel.

painting the rainbow

crawling through the rainbow

They loved this so much we may have to break it out again soon.


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