Marbling Paper with Shaving Cream

Where has the time gone? Last I checked, it was still July and here we are at the end of August! Sigh. Hopefully the oncoming fall chill will have me working on blog posts a tiny bit more often.

With the busy summer schedule (hopefully) behind us, we have been doing a few more art projects around here. I wanted to share this one because it was so much fun and kept the kids’ attention for so long. This activity is one I’m sure we’ll be repeating.

I kept thinking that I wanted to use shaving cream as a sensory material, I just couldn’t figure out how I wanted to incorporate it into an art project. Then I saw this idea for marbling paper. I do have to say that the kids didn’t care one bit about marbling the paper, but the moms enjoyed it and it is a little keepsake to remember the activity.

We started by giving each child a pie plate or cake pan full of shaving cream. They were all really unsure of it at first and didn’t want to touch it even after some encouragement. I gave them rubber scrapers to mix the shaving cream with, which got them interested in the material. After mixing for a bit, we added a little paint to each pan and let the kids mix the paint into the shaving cream. This activity by itself was great–the kids would request colors and then mix and mix.

adding tempera paintspots of food coloring

Once the kids were tired of mixing the color, moms helped them smooth the shaving cream and then we added dots of food coloring to the top. Each child got a cotton swab and started mixing with the swab. This results in a marbled look.

marbling the colorshands in shaving cream

As you can see, the kids got much more comfortable with the shaving cream the more they played around with it. They started mixing with rubber scrapers, then progressed to cotton swabs, then got into it with their hands. I had a 5-gallon bucket of warm water close to the table for clean-up. I would highly recommend some kind of clean-up station very near your work area.

Once you have a nice marbled surface, lay a sheet of paper down on the top of the shaving cream and press lightly. Peel back the paper. There will be a good amount of shaving cream stuck to the paper, which you can just scrape off with a ruler or craft stick.

scrape off excess shaving cream

The results are pretty, and you can use your marbled paper for just about anything.

marbled paper1marbled paper

You can use any paint for this project, but please note that if you do use food coloring as I did, it will stain clothing and hands.