Making Friends with Onions

making friends with onions

I didn’t get permission from my sister to use this image of her; nevertheless, I’m going to risk using it because it IS SO GOOD! She is a genius. She posted this image a while ago on Facebook, and it had me laughing until I actually tried her idea. Swimming goggles while chopping onions is a miracle! No tears. None. No runny nose.

My sister is a chemist, and therefore she would know that gasses released from cutting the onion waft up to your eyes, turning into sulfuric acid when the gas combines with the water on your eye. This of course results in your eyes tearing up to get rid of the acid. Thus, she would know that protecting your eyes from that gas would prevent the tears. I am not a chemist, and would have no such knowledge of the chemical reaction going on in my eyes every time I chop an onion. Therefore, I think my sister is a genius!

End of story. Wear your swimming goggles. I promise they won’t let you down.


3 thoughts on “Making Friends with Onions

  1. I too, swear by this method. Noel used to make fun of me, but now that he doesn’t wear contacts anymore (which were also an onion barrier) he’s used the goggles a few times too!

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