Bubble Wrap Dance Painting

While perusing Pinterest, I saw this idea for bubble wrap stomp painting. I thought it was a brilliant idea, and decided to give it a go when the kids were over for our art play date.

bubble wrapped foot

When the bubble wrap came out, Little O put it on the floor and started stomping on it immediately, so I thought this activity would be a hit! Then we wrapped all of their little feet in bubble wrap. We added dollops of paint to the rolled out sheets of paper, and let them go for it. They really were unsure of what to do. I was quite surprised that they were so hesitant about stomping around on the paint with their little bubble-wrapped feet.

bubbles and bubble wrap

In order to encourage them, we turned up some music and started dancing. This got them moving around more and more. Then we added real bubbles to the mix and tried to get them moving even more. All of my pictures show them standing around flat-footed, but I promise they were moving! I’m sure this will be a fun activity to introduce again. It has great gross-motor and sensory elements, and appeals to lots of ages.


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