Autumn Leaf Window Clings


painting the leaves

The fall leaves have been so pretty the last few weeks that I thought we should incorporate fall colors into our art playgroup. I decided to make window clings, which we haven’t done before. I thought the clings would be a nice way to show off the kids’ work. Before all the kids got here for art group, Little O and I took a walk around the neighborhood looking for pretty leaves. When the kids got here, we pulled out the leaves and talked about all the colors we could find. We decided what paint colors to use based on the leaves in our collection. Clear contact paper is used as the “paper,” and we’re just painting with plain old Crayola washable paints. I traced the leaf outlines with a black Sharpie. Normally I wouldn’t give the kids something that looks like a coloring sheet, but since everyone in our group is two, I was pretty sure that they’d ignore the lines, which in fact happened. If you have older kids, let them draw the leaves themselves.

painted leaves

Once the leaves were painted, I just left them taped to the table to dry, since the contact paper curls up and I didn’t want paint everywhere. When the leaves were dry, I just cut them out along the lines and peeled off the backing. Little O was more than happy to help me stick them to the front window.

sticking them to the window

After the kids were done painting the contact paper leaves, I let them do a leaf collage (which you can see behind Little O’s head in the picture above). They chose the leaves they liked and placed them on the sticky side of the contact paper. They loved sticking and re-sticking the leaves. I’m not sure which activity they liked the best, but both turned out lovely!

leaf collage

leaf collage