About Me

“…by small and simple things, are great things brought to pass…” –Alma 37:6, The Book of Mormon

I have always loved this scripture and its concept. Too often I see the enormity of what must be done and I throw my arms up in self-defeat, overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the project. Whether my mountain is a pile of laundry, a dirty house, a two-year-old son to mold and raise, a painting that I want to finish, or habits that are decades old I want to change, the effort required to conquer is the same. One load of laundry at a time, one teaching moment with my son, one brush stroke, one instance of not succumbing to that annoying habit. One step. One drop. One thought. One action. Little by little, great things are accomplished.

I’m starting this blog as an experiment to help myself get those small things accomplished. I’m hoping that by documenting them, I’ll be motivated to push forward and continue accomplishing them one by one. I’ll write about diverse subjects as I always seem to work on several things at once, and having a two-year-old child my attention span is never long on any one thing. So thanks for stopping by, and hang on for the ride.

More about my beliefs here.

Emilie Lewis


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