Frozen Paint Pops

frozen paint pops

It’s been hot here lately. So hot that all you want to do is lay on the couch. So hot that even going to the pool seems like too much to do. I thought that something frozen would be a great idea for art group. Frozen paint pops turned out to be a great idea! They were super easy to make, and fun to use.

To make the pops, mix up some liquid watercolor, or thin down some tempera or finger paint. Then pour into ice cube trays. Put them in the freezer. After about 20 minutes, add craft sticks. Don’t worry if they don’t stick straight up-the kids aren’t going to mind. Put them back in the freezer and freeze until they are solid. Then remove them from the tray and use like a paintbrush.

painting with ice

None of the kids mistook these for popscicles, but you could probably use frozen Kool-Aid or Jello paint if you have kids that still like to put things in their mouths.

how cold is it?

We definitely had kids feeling the ice and painting their hands with it, but nothing went in the mouth.

collaborative painting

When the kids have had enough painting on their own paper, get a large sheet out and have them do a collaborative painting. It was fun to see how the colors mixed and what kinds of shapes we could make with the ice, drips, and sticks.